Ketley Parish Council is in the first tier of local government and comprises of two ‘wards’ Ketley and Beveley. There are 11 Councillors in total who were elected by the voters on 2 May 2019 and will serve for 4 years until the next election in May 2023.

The local authority for this area is Telford & Wrekin Council and they are responsible for decisions regarding education, transport, town & country planning, public protection and social care for example. So, you may well ask… what exactly does the Parish Council do then?

Well, the Parish Council plays a vital role in representing the interests of the local community and by working together can improve the quality of life and local environment for everyone. Individual Parish Councillors cannot make decisions alone but they can bring local issues to the attention of the Council. By engaging in constructive debates and commenting on proposals, Parish Councillors can ensure that the different views and needs of local people are represented when decisions are made by the Council on behalf of the community.

The Parish Council operates using a committee structure which is set out under Meetings of the Council. And, the Council is an employer too! The Clerk works for and with the Council and Committees to action their decisions.


The Parish Council has been granted powers by Parliament to raise money through taxation in order to deliver a range of services to the community. The tax is called ‘Precept’ and forms part of your overall Council Tax bill. In 2019/20 you will see no increase in your precept to Ketley Parish Council.

Although not the Local Planning Authority, the Parish Council have a right to be notified of all planning applications which are submitted for the area. As a statutory consultee, the Parish Council consider and comment on all applications. Members of the public can attend the meetings and make their views known as well as commenting directly.

Powers to provide public conveniences are met through the Community Centre where baby change facilities are also now available.

The Council has a duty to consider matters of crime prevention along with powers to provide street furniture, traffic signs, maintain open spaces and encourage visitors to the area.

The tiers in government can sometimes be confusing though, so a list of the services provided by the Parish Council is set out below.


Ketley Community Centre

Former Infants School

Community Grants

Garden of Rest Cemetery

Community Garden

Community Events & Activities

Street Lights (219 only)

Bus Shelters (4 only)

Grit Bins (6 only)

Further information about the services provided, who is responsible for a street light or grit bin near you, and details of planning applications, roadworks and events, can be found under Council Services and Ketley Parish News. But, if you are still not sure who you need to talk to, contact the Clerk on 01952 404434 for help and advice.